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Why is government spending so low?

Auctioneers, truck drivers, truck dealers and other businesses are all paying record low prices.In the past, the price of a piece of junk had been inversely related to the size of its inventories.But the government has cut its spending by about 50% in the past five years, largely as a

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How to watch the SASR-3 event in London, 2019

The SASR 3 auction in London has begun, and if you’ve never been to the SASRs, you’re in for a treat.It is the first time the SASr auction has ever been held in London since its founding in 2016, and it promises to be one of the most memorable of

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How to choose the best auto auction

Auctioneers are taking to the streets of Dublin this weekend to bid on the auto parts that will transform their clients lives.More than 1,000 auctions will be taking place in the capital this weekend with the auctioneers taking to their feet to auction off vehicles and vehicles parts.This year, the

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