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When you can buy online furniture online for less than $1

4FourTwo, a leading online furniture auction site, is getting a $25 million funding round led by Capital Group.FourFour Two, which recently acquired an equity stake in New York-based furniture seller Moderna, has partnered with online furniture retailer eBay to provide online furniture sellers with access to inventory at low prices.The

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How to Buy Online from eBay and Amazon: A guide

Online furniture auctions are now available for sale on eBay, Amazon, and other online platforms.The sites have long been a safe haven for anyone looking to get a good deal on new, used, and antique furniture, as well as items that are not on sale.But it’s not always as easy

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New eBay listing shows up in California for the first time

A listing of a $6,800 house that’s now available for sale in California has a strange, “off-the-shelf” finish.The listing, from California’s first auction house, has the word “auction house” stamped on it.And it’s located in a community that is a short drive from San Francisco.But there’s more than that.There’s a

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