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How to win a BMW 5 Series from a Harley-Davidson

In a bid to win back a prized 5 Series for a long-lost brother, the brothers in the family of a German motorcyclist decided to take their chance and bid on the prized vehicle at a motorcycle auction.“We have been looking for the 5 Series since the 1980s,” Michael and

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How to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle at auction

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are not your average street machine, but they are certainly one of the most popular motorcycles around.And when it comes to getting the most out of your money, the Harley is one of those machines that offers many things you may not find on your own.Here are

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Why are auctions going out of business in Texas?

In some states, auctions have been taking place for more than a year.Now they are being scrapped because of problems with water supply.The state is shutting down auctioneers.The San Antonio Express-News reported:The state has been dealing with a lack of water in the reservoirs, which have been reduced by nearly

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