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How to make an auction for a pear tree

When a tree grows into a great pear, it can fetch a staggering $300,000.To put that into perspective, the average sale price of a $1.5 million house in the US is just over $1,000,000 per house.So how do you sell a pear that’s worth $300 million?It’s not as simple as

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Which is the best auto auction site?

Online auto auctions have become a hot topic of discussion among the automotive industry, and it is no surprise that most of the auctions featured on the sites are sold online.The sites are not necessarily based in the U.S. and often offer auctions of luxury and sport cars, as well

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Pickett auction: The best auction sites in America

The latest auctions are in and bids are running high at some of the largest auction houses in the country.Here are some of our favorites:The Franklin & Maitland auction house has seen its share of controversy.In 2015, a company that had operated the Franklin &amps; Mault &amp) auction house was

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