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Why was this guy so mad about Manheim?

It’s the one that got me to write the first article about the 2016 Manheim Auto Auction.The story is one of the most talked about in the automotive industry.The auction of the world’s most valuable auto brand, the Porsche 356 Porsche Carrera, is scheduled to be held on July 23

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Tesla and BMW announce auto auctions in Germany

Automakers and dealerships are expected to auction off vehicles of all sizes in Germany on Monday.The auto auctions will be held at the Automotive Show at Mannheim.BMW and Tesla are expected at the event.Tesla CEO Elon Musk and BMW Chief Executive Officer Harald Krueger have confirmed that the event will

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How to buy an antique car in the US

The United States is not the only country where you can buy an old car for less than its value.In fact, buying an old motorbike can be a great way to pay off your student loans and make a down payment on a house.The key to buying an antique is

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