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Insurance auction: ‘You could buy a new house in a few months’

An insurance auction for a house in the Houston area is about to get a lot cheaper, according to a listing for the sale.The house in Houston’s Humble District is listed for $7.5 million on Tuesday, the listing says.A lot of that is for the home’s exterior, but there’s also

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When are auctions online?

On Wednesday, police auctioned a rare 1930s automobile for $2.3 million, breaking the record set last year when a vehicle for sale at auction sold for $3.3-million.The auction of the automobile, owned by J.P. Graves, Jr., at the U.S. Marshals Service auction house in Dallas came as the Texas Rangers

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Why we have an Interstate Auction: What It Means for Our Economy

An interstate auction is a process by which buyers can buy and sell property at a lower cost than a brick-and-mortar auction.It is a popular way for large-scale, high-stakes transactions to occur, and it can help keep local economies humming.The idea behind an interstate auction system is that people will

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