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Music’s auction house is selling off its music and art collection, its founder says

HONOLULU — (AP) Music’s “Auction House” is selling its music, art and art collections, its Founder, Brian “Hons” Honslin, said Monday.He said the sale of the collection, which includes pieces by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra, is scheduled for April 29.He told reporters the sale will include “all

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What to know about auto auctions and the bidding process

Auto auctions have become a staple in American life.But the bidding experience varies wildly from country to country, with many bidding by phone or via text message.How are auto auctions handled?What are the rules?And how can you make sure your money is getting to your favorite car?We’ve rounded up the

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What’s in the new HENLIN auctions?

The last two auctions of the HENLINS auction catalogue were held in April and May of this year, with the auctioneer in charge of the two auctions calling the action.The first auction was held at the New Zealand Hotel in Auckland on Tuesday night, with another auction taking place in

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