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Why is government spending so low?

Auctioneers, truck drivers, truck dealers and other businesses are all paying record low prices.In the past, the price of a piece of junk had been inversely related to the size of its inventories.But the government has cut its spending by about 50% in the past five years, largely as a

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Why are auctions going out of business in Texas?

In some states, auctions have been taking place for more than a year.Now they are being scrapped because of problems with water supply.The state is shutting down auctioneers.The San Antonio Express-News reported:The state has been dealing with a lack of water in the reservoirs, which have been reduced by nearly

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How to Buy a Iron Horse and Buy the Right Item for You

You can spend years and tens of thousands of dollars on a good bike, but that’s about all you’ll get for a first bike you buy.What if you could buy the bike you really want and have it arrive at your doorstep in minutes?That’s what a few months ago, when

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