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What you need to know about an auction for a home

By JAMES GOLDIN – MARCH 04, 2020–(Marketwired – MARCIA) The next few months will be crucial to the home buyer’s journey as the mortgage market shifts toward the end of the year, and with it the value of their home.For a buyer who wants to buy a home as soon

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How to use Google’s Auto Auction API to automate auctions

Goldin, the online auction site that lets you sell your own items, has released an API for anyone who needs to automate their auctions.Goldin offers a free app called Auto Auction which lets you browse through your auction and bid on any item, such as a car, house, or boat.The

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How to buy and sell the biggest sports books in New York

NEW YORK — If you want to buy the biggest books in the world, you’re going to have to start somewhere.The Big Five sports books — ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, NBC Sports and CBS Sports — have the biggest market share in the Big Apple, according to data compiled by

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