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How to get a real car for under $2,000

A few years ago, it was common for car dealers to offer cars for sale at auction.But this year, car dealers are starting to offer up cars for less than $2 million in some cases, according to AutoGuide.com.That’s not exactly a deal breaker for the typical buyer, but it’s a

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Dutch auctioneers bid for a ‘southern’ gold-plated ship

Dutch auctioneer Dijkstra Group is hoping to sell a vessel from the Dutch East Indies for $40 million, or $30 million per tonne.The bid, announced this week, is expected to be accepted by the Dutch authorities in the coming days.The bid will be submitted to the Dutch government on Monday.The

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How to Buy a Car Online in the Netherlands

Dutch car auction website car.dutch.nl has added the option to buy a car in the country online through the Carpool Car Loan program.The service is available in the Dutch capital Amsterdam and will give buyers an opportunity to buy their car and take delivery.The car will be registered in the

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