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Insurance auction: ‘You could buy a new house in a few months’

An insurance auction for a house in the Houston area is about to get a lot cheaper, according to a listing for the sale.The house in Houston’s Humble District is listed for $7.5 million on Tuesday, the listing says.A lot of that is for the home’s exterior, but there’s also

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How to watch the blackmon auction in Australia

The blackmon auctions are the biggest in the country, but the process has been fraught with problems.We had a couple of auctions where the tickets were not sold, and then we had some people selling them on the black market, and we had a number of people coming into our

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How to get rid of a lost car

A man has been given the title of the man who discovered the missing Bentley.Sheridan Auctioneers in Texas has put up a bid of $2.9 million on the Bentley, which was found in May.“A gentleman from Texas took this opportunity to sell a beautiful old Bentley,” said auctioneer, Jim Matson.Bieber

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