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How to Buy the Real Estate You Want for Less than $500,000

Auctioneer Benoit Boucher said on Tuesday that he will sell off his real estate portfolio to fund his charitable foundation.Boucher is the chief executive of a Swiss real estate firm that operates a luxury auction house called “Vendex” in the United States.The auction of the company’s stock for about $500

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How to avoid the $3.2bn price tag for Israel’s cattle auction

The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday upheld the final bid for the sale of Israeli cattle to a US company.The auction was to be held in New York City, but the bid had to be approved by the court in order to proceed.The court said it was not an “unusual”

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How to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle at auction

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are not your average street machine, but they are certainly one of the most popular motorcycles around.And when it comes to getting the most out of your money, the Harley is one of those machines that offers many things you may not find on your own.Here are

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