Restaurants, auction items: Graber auctions worth millions

Restaurants are auctioning off more than $50 million worth of restaurant equipment for a graber auction in Australia, according to The Washington Times.The auction is the first of its kind, and the first time Graber has sold its most popular and profitable restaurant equipment.The auction will run from Thursday to

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How to find the perfect vintage car auction

The sale of a classic car is a very special time of year.In the middle of the hottest part of the year, it’s a time of high anticipation and excitement. Auctioneers and collectors are eager to have the car that they are bidding on as soon as possible, and as they’re

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How to win an online car auction: Sam’s Club

The online car sale Sam’s club is offering to auction off some of its inventory has raised eyebrows.The online auction site is asking for $30 million to help pay for a major renovation of the clubhouse.Sam’s has been struggling with a major debt that could lead to its bankruptcy.The sale,

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Which auto auction sites are your favorites?

Auto auction sites, especially eBay, are always getting new products to test.This is the time of year when the online auctions go live, and lots of new cars are being sold.The most popular sites for new cars at the moment are hibids auctions, as well as the online car dealerships.While

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The GOP’s latest attempt to steal the election is a disaster

This is part one of a three-part series on the latest GOP efforts to steal an election.Part two covers the Trump-Biden ticket and the GOP’s “southern strategy.”Part three focuses on the Trump administration and the House and Senate races.

How to watch a game of NASCAR for free online with Fox Sports GO!

It’s time to get on the couch and get ready to watch your favorite racing team battle it out for glory!Fox Sports Go will give you the perfect opportunity to watch the action live on the Fox Sports app and Fox Sports Radio!With the FOX Sports GO app and FOX

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When Will The Auction For Auctioneer Skinner End?

When will the auctioneer for auctioneer skinner end?The New York Post is reporting that the auction will end at noon EST tomorrow and the auctioneers will be leaving the house at 8pm EST.I don’t think the auction is ending, but if they do, the timing may not be so good.We

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How to get the best prices for your sniper auctions

On Wednesday, the auctioneer who sells the sniper’s best-kept secret will be auctioning off his best-known work.Morphy, the man who sold the first sniper rifle, sold his work in the 1980s to an anonymous buyer.Now, the seller of the best-selling gun in the world is auctioning it off at auction

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How to win a Bontrag auction and the ‘Bontragers’

The ‘Bondi’s Bontrag’ auction house has announced it will be hosting a bontragger auction on the evening of March 8, 2018 at the Bontrabager, in St. Louis, Missouri.It will be the final auction for the bontrag, which began in 1999 and has gone through several incarnations over the years.The bontratrag

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