How to find a used car for a low price

If you’re looking for a used Toyota Camry, you might want to look elsewhere than the US, as a car auction site has listed a used one for a $10,000 AUD price.

The listing for a 2014 Camry comes from a buyer from California, who paid $10.9 million for the vehicle.

The buyer, a man named Michael, was part of the same family as car salesman and philanthropist Paul Allen, who owns the San Francisco 49ers and has been described as “one of the world’s richest men”.

Paul Allen, the world famous billionaire and philanthropic.

Photo: Getty ImagesPaul Allen has long been linked to many car brands, particularly Toyota, but the latest listing of a used Camry on the auction site indicates that the Allen family has a particular affinity for Toyota.

Paul Allen is worth $19 billion, and his family owns a vast array of businesses.

In 2011, he sold a majority stake in the San Diego Padres to the Allen Foundation, with a stake in his remaining stake in San Francisco.

In 2013, he purchased the Oakland A’s, a baseball team that he also owns a majority share in.

In 2014, he bought the Los Angeles Dodgers from Stan Kroenke.

But the Allen name is not limited to the sports industry.

The billionaire has a history of buying up distressed properties in the US.

He bought a huge, 57-acre tract of land in the city of Largo, Florida, in 1999 for $3.2 million, according to the Florida Department of Natural Resources.

In 2004, he helped buy a huge tract of property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In 2007, he gave $1 billion to a Florida community for an abandoned school, according the New York Times.

In 2009, he paid $500,000 to purchase the abandoned school in Lake Worth, Florida in a deal that also included the Fort Lauderdale school.

In 2010, he contributed $500 million to an economic development fund that was created in his name for the state of Florida.

The Allen Foundation and the Miami Dolphins have also received funding from the Allen Family Foundation.