‘Game of Thrones’ actor Sean Bean ‘won’t be attending’ Game of Thrones premiere

Sean Bean has revealed he won’t be participating in the upcoming Game of Throne premiere because he has other commitments.

The actor tweeted that he will not be attending the premiere.

He continued, “It’s too soon.

We have to get things in order before we go.

But I will be attending tonight.

I won’t have anything else to do.

I have other commitments.”

Earlier this week, the actor shared a photo of him wearing a mask during filming of season five.

In the photo, Bean can be seen wearing a red cape and mask.

On Saturday, Bean was seen posing with fans in his hometown of Vancouver.

He was also seen wearing his mask on the set of the film.

The Game of War star tweeted the photo and captioned it, “Went to see my favorite show from my favorite fandom.”

The Game Of Thrones actor has been a fan of the HBO series since its premiere in 2011.

The HBO show, which takes place in Westeros, has been renewed for a fifth season.

The show’s second season has been announced for 2018.