Restaurants, auction items: Graber auctions worth millions

Restaurants are auctioning off more than $50 million worth of restaurant equipment for a graber auction in Australia, according to The Washington Times.

The auction is the first of its kind, and the first time Graber has sold its most popular and profitable restaurant equipment.

The auction will run from Thursday to the end of April.

Graber sold its first $1.1 million auction of restaurant appliances in January.

Grasper said it would continue to sell equipment at auctions throughout the year.

Last year, Graber’s $1 million graber appliance auction sold to a local company for $2.5 million, which is the most valuable appliance ever sold by Graber, according the company.

At $50,000, the auction is nearly four times the $5,000 Graber said it had paid to the company to auction it.

The company has paid Graber over $100 million to auction its most successful appliances, including the Grill-a-Manger, which sold for $3.2 million last year.

It will sell $6.5 to $10 million in equipment this year.

The restaurant equipment auction has attracted a lot of attention.

It is the largest in the world, with the highest bid of $40 million.

The Graber Graber Auction is not just a fundraiser, but an opportunity for local businesses to sell their equipment and gain valuable business.

Graber has been selling its appliance equipment since 2007, and has had a strong following in Australia.

Last year, it had nearly $20 million in sales, according company data.

The company has sold more than 1,000 graber appliances since its inception in 2000.

Its appliance range includes the Graber Grill, Grill-A-Matic, Grill, and Grader.

The Grill-Mantel and Grill-Grader have been in production for more than a decade.

The grander Grill-Kegs, which was the first graber grill to be introduced in Australia in 1999, have sold more now than any other graber.

Grader is Grabers newest model.

Graber’s appliance sales are growing, and they are making it more difficult for restaurant chains to compete with Graber.

The food service industry has struggled to compete on price and quality, particularly in the foodservice and restaurant industries, because of Graber and Graber restaurants.

According to Graber spokesman Michael Dennen, the company has been a leading supplier of graber and other appliance equipment to restaurants and other restaurants and bars since 2007.