Insurance auction: ‘You could buy a new house in a few months’

An insurance auction for a house in the Houston area is about to get a lot cheaper, according to a listing for the sale.

The house in Houston’s Humble District is listed for $7.5 million on Tuesday, the listing says.

A lot of that is for the home’s exterior, but there’s also lots of storage space.

The listing notes that there’s a lot of space on the property, too.

It’s listed as a one-bedroom apartment, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a laundry room and two garages.

The price includes taxes, title insurance, a $2,500 down payment, and an “automotive appraisal.”

It’s listed with a Buy It Now price of $6,000.

Auctioneer Chris Stapleton, of Stapler & Co., told Recode the house will go for between $7,500 and $9,000, depending on the type of interior you want.

He said he expects the home to sell for about $10,000 to $15,000 if it sells at auction.

If the house sells, it’ll go to the buyer’s credit, Stapley said.

If it goes to a bank, he’d have to use the proceeds to pay down the mortgage.

Stapleton said he doesn’t expect it will sell for more than $5,000 at the current auction pace.

It’s an auction, so he expects it to go to about $5 million.

Stavone said he hopes people can get in on the house sale.

It doesn’t need to be the first one he does.

He’s seen lots of people bidding on houses, he said.

The house sale is a great opportunity for people to put down a deposit, and the house should sell in about a year.

“I hope people will get in and maybe take advantage of it,” he said, “and maybe sell it later on.”