Christie’s auctioneer says he’ll auction off ‘most-wanted’ items for $2 million

The auction house Christie’s says it is going to auction off most-wished-for items for a cool $2.6 million.

The auction house’s website states it will be the most-expensive sale of its kind.

The items being auctioned off include a vintage Mercedes Benz SLG convertible and a 1950s Chevy Pickup truck, both of which Christie’s said it will “most-lovely to have in my collection.”

The car’s interior was originally given to the museum by the car’s original owner, the auction house said.

The seller, who did not want to be identified, told CNN it’s a rare and very rare find.

The car was given to Christie’s in 1950, when it was the model of the time, the buyer said.

“It was one of my first cars and I was the first person to drive it,” the buyer told CNN.

“The car has an original leather interior and the original leather dashboard and a very good set of wheels.”

Auctioneer Tom Sowers, who owns Christie’s Auto Auction in Connecticut, told the Associated Press that the car will be sold for “several million dollars” on Monday, which is about $2,600 more than the $2-million sale price.

The buyer did not say how much the car was worth.

“The car will come up for sale with all the money in the world,” he said.

“But the car is worth more than that, the car has a lot more sentimental value to it.”

Sowers said the car had been in the auction houses collection for about 10 years and was “just sitting there.”

He added that the buyer has never had it in their collection.

Sowers told the AP the car “is just a piece of memorabilia,” and he’s not sure what Christie’s plans are for it.

He added: “I can’t tell you what it is or what it’s going to be used for.”

In addition to the car, Christie’s is auctioning off a few other items including a 1954 Volkswagen Rabbit and a 1962 Pontiac G6.

The car is one of about 30 cars Christie’s sells in its auctions.