Auctions: New ‘Candyman’ auction items to be sold at Walmart

A new auction will be held in New York City to benefit the Toys for Tots program, a charity dedicated to giving toys and other items to children.

The items will be sold for $50,000 each.

The sale, which will be live-streamed at Walmart, will begin Saturday at 1 p.m. and will run until July 10.

The Toys for the Poor auction, which also raised more than $100 million in 2017, will be the largest auction in Walmart’s history.

The auction is part of a partnership between Walmart and Toys for The World, which raises millions of dollars to provide toys for kids at the end of their school years.

This year’s auction includes toys that were donated to Toys for Play, the largest organization that works with Toys for Troops and other organizations to provide children with toys.

The auction is also aimed at encouraging children to be involved in their community.

The Toys for Trades charity has been in operation since 2003 and is the largest charity in the world dedicated to helping children in need.

The charity also works with schools, businesses, and governments to help kids get the right things for their school year.