What’s up with the Michigan Auto Auction?

The sport-car auction is a little different than the typical auto auction.

Instead of being held on the same day, the auctions are held at different venues, sometimes in different states.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

What’s the Michigan Motor Vehicle Auction?

The Michigan Auto is one of the oldest and most popular auto auctions in the United States.

In the past decade, it has seen a number of changes.

Some of the biggest changes have been the inclusion of a limited number of cars on the first day of the auction.

The last year that Michigan sold cars for the auction was the 2015 sale.

This year, the Michigan auction is moving to its second-day auction.

This allows buyers and sellers to interact at the same time, allowing for better and more relaxed interactions.

The most recent auction saw 2,700 cars sold, making it the most-watched auto auction in the country.

The Auto auctions are sometimes held in large cities or in remote locations.

They also can be held in places like parks, forests and rural areas.

For a full listing of the Michigan auto auctions, go to the Michigan Auction.

What’s the Kansas Auto Auction like?

The Kansas Auto auction is held in the state of Kansas, which is about 70 miles east of Wichita.

It’s the most popular place to buy cars for an autoworker auction.

Many of the cars that went on sale for the Kansas auction are used and are not particularly desirable.

It was an event for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

The Kansas auto auction has historically been held in a variety of places, but for most people it’s in Kansas.

Most auctions are done at auction houses, which are typically located in or around major metropolitan areas.

In some cases, they also have online auctions.

The Kansas Auto auctions will usually be held at a state fairgrounds, and sometimes a local museum or historic district.

For a full list of the Kansas auto auctions and more information about the cars, go here.

What are the auctions for?

The auctions for the Michigan auctions usually run on the weekends, but can also be held during the week, in addition to the weeklong weekend sale.

The Michigan auctions are usually held in larger cities, such as Kansas City, St. Louis and Ann Arbor.

The auctions are generally held in late October to early November.

In addition to auctions, there are some other types of car auctions that are held in different locations.

These auctions typically are held during major sporting events, such the Super Bowl, and they can also include some sort of car show.

The car auctions for both the Kansas and Michigan auctions will typically run during a certain time of year.

For more information on the Michigan and Kansas auto sales, go right here.