online auction sites to offer richmond cars for sale

Online auction sites have been set to offer some of the most prized vehicles on offer for sale at a rare auto auction in Melbourne.

Richmond, which was named by Forbes magazine as the world’s most expensive city for a third time in 2015, will be on display at the $1 million auction on Saturday.

Auctioneer, Craig Breen, said there were more than 1,000 vehicles that would be up for grabs, and there were many options available.

“You could be a bit adventurous and get one of the first generation, the super-premium vehicles, or a classic car, and I think that’s pretty cool,” Mr Breen said.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what the cars are going to look like.”

The cars are so rich.

They’re a bit of a collector’s item.

They look great and they’re a great price.

“They’re not going to fetch as much as you might think.”

Mr Breen and his team of eight staff have been keeping an eye on the auction.

“We’re very fortunate to have a very talented team,” Mr Ritchie said.

He said it would be fun to watch the auction go on, and he was sure there would be a bidding war.

“If you have any interest in the auction, you’ll want to bid on the cars,” he said.

But for those who are interested in owning a vintage car, Mr Beren said he would not be selling them, and said he had been in contact with a couple of interested owners who had already paid the $600,000 price.

Mr Beren also said it was not uncommon for a lot to be auctioned off before a car sold for more than its expected value.

“A lot of people are really into buying cars and I would say that’s normal,” he told ABC radio.

“Some people are very keen on buying a piece of history.”

For me, it’s not something I’m interested in buying and selling.

“I have a lot more passion for my children’s art.

They really love the car and I love that.”

Mr Ritchie, who also runs the car club, said he could not see the auction taking place in his community.

“There is a lot going on in the city and people are just looking for a place to hang out,” he added.

“My children are very young and they will have lots of fun and the community is really welcoming and welcoming to us.”

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