How to avoid the $3.2bn price tag for Israel’s cattle auction

The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday upheld the final bid for the sale of Israeli cattle to a US company.

The auction was to be held in New York City, but the bid had to be approved by the court in order to proceed.

The court said it was not an “unusual” bid, given that it had been submitted to the court before the auction.

The bidding started on Monday at 10:30 a.m. local time (1930 GMT), and was due to close at midnight.

The company that was supposed to buy the animals for about $3,100 each had raised only about $300,000.

The Jerusalem High Court on Wednesday rejected the bid, saying that the buyer was a foreign firm with ties to the United States and Israel.

The case was the latest in a string of Israeli courts to uphold the government’s policy of allowing American firms to buy Israeli cattle.

The United States has imposed sanctions on companies linked to the sale.

US lawmakers have also expressed concern that the cattle will be used for animal feed.

US Vice President Joe Biden said last month that the US was prepared to impose sanctions on Israel if the auction proceeds were used to buy cattle from Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the $1.5bn purchase of Israeli cows will be a boon for Israel.