Greensboro Auto Auction: ‘It’s all over’

A car auctioneer’s sale of the Greenville, North Carolina, city’s first automobile, to the Greensboro Savings & Loan auctioneers has ended with a $1.5 million price tag.

The sale was held in April at the Greenwood Hotel in Greensboro.

The car was auctioned off by the Greensborough Auto Auction Co., which specializes in autos.

The auction went down on Tuesday afternoon and was the second of three scheduled at the Greensburg hotel.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it turned out to be,” said Greensboro City Manager Dave Wojcik.

“It’s the first car we’ve ever had sold here and it’s just been great.

The first thing I said was, ‘Wow, this is crazy,'” said Wojciechowski, who also helped manage the sale of cars for the Greensville Mall and Greensburg Convention Center.

The Greensburg Savings &Loan auctioneer, John Cappello, told ABC News the car was sold at $1,800,000.

“He’s got it to a high-end level, but it was a very special car,” said Wodczak, adding that he plans to sell it to someone else.

“We were all really happy,” said the Greensburgh resident.

The cars were all purchased at the auction and were sold by the buyer as a gift to the city.

The city says it sold about 300 cars during the sale.

Greensburg is about 80 miles (124 kilometers) north of Charlotte.

The $1 million car auction comes at a time when the city is trying to boost its economy.

Wodczyk said he was impressed by how well the city was doing.

“This city is doing really well.

We’re really proud of them,” he said.

The price tag includes the seller’s commission and insurance.

The bank will pay $10,000 for each car sold.

“If we’re ever in a position to get an auction house, this will be a great place to go,” said Joe Hensley, president of the Greensport Chamber of Commerce.

“A lot of times when we buy an automobile, we do it as a business,” said Hensleys son, Ryan.