N.J. auction for car, truck sparks bidding frenzy

New Jersey is getting ready to auction off a rare and beautiful piece of American history: the 1939 Cadillac JN-3, the only one ever built by Cadillac.

The JN3, which came from the factory as the JL3 sedan, was the first production car to be fitted with the Cadillac’s iconic four-cylinder, 6-liter, V8 engine.

The JN series was the pinnacle of American musclecar design, and it was the Cadillac J series that gave the brand its first big international crossover hit, the Pontiac Bonneville.

The auction has been under way for two weeks.

The winning bid is $2.9 million, with a reserve of $1.5 million.

The buyer is still waiting to hear the exact bid.

The owner of the car, who has been identified only as Mr. H. in the auction notice, had planned to sell it to a museum, but was unable to do so, due to the fact that the car is so rare and valuable.

The car has been in the possession of a collector for more than 50 years.

The first buyer, a man named William P. Jones, died in 1997, and a second buyer in 2002.

His son, Charles P. Moore, sold the car in 2014.

The vehicle was sold by the auction house, which said it is part of a larger collection, and has been sitting in the collection for two decades.

Its current owner, the dealer, said that the auction is an example of how cars are sold in America today.

The buyer’s son, Mr. Moore said, is a well-known collector in the New Jersey area.

He said the car will be moved to the dealer’s office for display.

Mr. Moore also said that he plans to use the car to show off the JN2C, which was built in 1935 by Cadillac and won two national automotive awards.

It is the last car to have a V8 in its body.

“We’re going to use this car to showcase how cars have changed,” he said.

Mr. Jones is not involved with the car sale.