How to win an autographed car from the wheeler auction house

A wheeler car is a valuable antique car.

It is a luxury car that was sold for less than $10,000 and is now worth more than $100,000.

And it is the subject of a popular YouTube video that has been viewed more than 11 million times.

It’s also one of the most expensive autographed cars in the world.

In the video, titled “Wheeler’s Wheeler’s: Autographed Cars for Sale” a motorist watches the wheelers car go through the auction house, then gets to touch it.

The car has a number of marks and numbers that help to determine its value, and he can then get a photo taken with it.

In this auction, the car was auctioned off by the Wheeler Motors in Kansas City, Kansas.

This auction was conducted in February 2016 and was the second auction that Wheeler has held since it launched.

The first auction was in September 2016 and sold for $4.7 million.

It sold out in a matter of minutes, but Wheeler is still hoping to win another auction.

Wheeler Motors president Bob Wiegert said in a statement that the auction was not a publicity stunt and that he and the team have not done anything illegal.

The auction house says that it is looking into the video.

We do not condone any conduct that would violate the law.

This is not about publicity, it’s about the value of an item.

The Wheeler Cars do not know who did this or where this video was shot, but they do not feel any need to take any legal action, according to a statement.

Wiegert also said that Wheelers car is one of two in the wheelery.

The other is a $10.4 million Bentley, and the auctioneers claim the Bentley is worth more.

In addition, the Bentley sold for more than it was sold.

The auction house said it was not aware of any other videos that have been posted online that depict the wheel car in this way.

In fact, the Wheelers website has a disclaimer saying that the video does not constitute a sale or sale record.

“There is no record of any auction that was held or conducted on the Wheel’s Wheel’s website,” Wheeler said in the statement.

“The video does nothing to validate the value or authenticity of the item.

This item has not been presented for sale to any prospective buyer.

Any such person would not recognize this video and it would not make any sense to suggest otherwise.

We do not promote this video as a legitimate source of information on auction houses websites.”

Wheeler said that he was contacted by a local TV station after the video was posted on YouTube.

He also released the following statement: “Wheelers video is an unprofessional and irresponsible way to sell an item that is no longer used.

It was clearly not designed or done for publicity purposes.

We are taking steps to ensure that this is not happening again.”