How to get rid of a lost car

A man has been given the title of the man who discovered the missing Bentley.

Sheridan Auctioneers in Texas has put up a bid of $2.9 million on the Bentley, which was found in May.

“A gentleman from Texas took this opportunity to sell a beautiful old Bentley,” said auctioneer, Jim Matson.

Bieber was found by a man who was out at the beach on a whim in May, 2016.

It’s a classic Bentley, but it was a big year for the British automotive industry.

In June, the Bentley went to auction with the bidding up to $6 million.

The Bentley was found floating in the ocean.

A Bentley has always been popular with car enthusiasts.

Even with the price tag, the car was an unexpected find for the man.

Matson said the buyer has given him permission to sell the car.

He said they will take the car and use the proceeds to pay the outstanding vehicle registration.

To get a better look at the Bentley in the auction, watch this video: