Why you should not pay for auctions online

You can still buy goods and services on eBay and Amazon for a fraction of the cost of selling them on a retail site.

However, it is the difference between eBay and an auction site that will make you rethink your buying decisions.

Here are five reasons why.


You can buy directly from the seller’s website.

This is the simplest way to buy.

You can buy from the sellers website directly.

You will not pay a fee to the seller, which means you can buy items directly from their shop.

If the item is sold out, the seller will still have the money to pay you.

For example, if the item sells out for $200 on eBay, the buyer will only pay $15.

You do not have to pay for shipping and handling costs as you would if you purchased the item directly from a retail store.


The seller is responsible for all shipping and payment costs.

If the seller sells you a product for a cheaper price than the item was originally priced at, you should expect to pay shipping and other fees.

This can include customs duties and other taxes, as well as insurance, insurance claims and taxes.

For instance, if a seller sold a $300 pair of jeans for $300 on eBay for $150, you would pay $50.

If you are buying from a wholesale seller, your shipping and taxes will be charged by the seller at the time you purchase the item.


The buyer is responsible if the seller cannot deliver the item on time.

If a seller can’t ship an item on the listed date, the item will be out of stock for the next available listing.

For this reason, sellers have to charge a handling fee for orders that have to be shipped after the listing has been posted.

The buyer is still responsible for the shipping charges.


The buyers responsibility is on the seller.

The sellers responsibility is the buyer.

The seller will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by the buyer if the buyer fails to meet the seller and the seller fails to deliver the goods within the stated time frame.


The items sold are the property of the seller only.

If you purchase an item from an auction, the auctioneer is the legal owner of the item and cannot sell the item to another party without permission from the auctioneers.