Schrader Auction Near Me Gets a Big Boost From President Trump

The Schraders auction was one of several auctions where the President made an appearance.

The sale of the home at 1217 N. Cielo Drive was one item on the agenda, along with a possible sale of a former White House office building in the White House grounds.

The auction had been set for Oct. 18 and was set to be held at 10 a.m.


Trump had previously said he wanted the home sold by Oct. 25, but the bidding was still ongoing at the time of the auction, according to Axios.

Schrader said that he had been approached by two people who were interested in purchasing the property, but were not interested in selling it for more than $400,000, which is a fair price for a home.

Schraders listing for a house in the West Wing.

Schrage’s family home is located in a section of the White Senate that sits behind the White, Capitol, and East chambers of Congress.

It was once the home of former President William Jefferson Clinton, who was President from 1993 to 1997.

In April 2017, Schrage’s mother died in a car accident and the property was sold to her family for $7 million.