How to win a BMW 5 Series from a Harley-Davidson

In a bid to win back a prized 5 Series for a long-lost brother, the brothers in the family of a German motorcyclist decided to take their chance and bid on the prized vehicle at a motorcycle auction.

“We have been looking for the 5 Series since the 1980s,” Michael and Michaela, who live in Berlin, Germany, told Germany’s Sport Bild newspaper.

“The family of the motorcycle-racing cyclist, Martin-Hermann, was a close family and we had the idea to have a motorcycle sale for him.”

On August 23, 2012, the pair purchased a new motorcycle from a friend for around 300 euros ($340).

The family then put the car in storage, and in December, the twins decided to start the auction, with a goal of buying a BMW from Martin-David.

They were stunned when the bike auction was sold for €1.3 million ($1.8 million) in January 2015.

“It was like a dream come true,” Michaela told Sport Bild.

“It is a motorcycle that has had so much history, it has been owned by a great German family.”

The family has said that they wanted to honour Martin-Henrik’s legacy and were keen to buy a BMW for his son, who had recently retired from racing.

“We wanted to buy the bike, to make sure it was a BMW that would help him to celebrate his life in retirement,” Michael said.

Alfred B. Johnson, the chief executive of the B.D. Johnson Motorcycle Auction and Car Park in London, said he was pleased with the success of the auction.

“There are only a handful of 5 Series that go for less than €1 million,” he said.

“They are a bit rarer than other motorcycles.

It was a really interesting opportunity for the Bd.

Johnson to bid for the bike and I’m sure the family are very happy with the result.”