Conservative radio host calls for ‘bipartisan’ bill to reinstate National Rifle Association

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin has called for a bipartisan bill to restore the National Rifle Associations tax-exempt status, which expired in 2015.

The NRA, which was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt, is the largest lobbying and political advocacy group in the United States.

“We must be ready to fight for every single American, regardless of party, regardless if they are white, black, Asian, Latino, or any other demographic, to get their gun rights back,” Levin wrote in a column published Tuesday.

“It is time to act and it is time for the Congress to act.”

Levin’s comments came after President Donald Trump called for Congress to “do something” about the NRA and the organization’s tax-exemption status.

The President told reporters in a news conference Tuesday that he’s “very, very concerned” by reports that the National Firearms Act is not on the agenda of the House and Senate.

“I think the NRA should be very, very, concerned,” Trump said.

“This should be taken care of, we’re going to have to be able to take care of this.”

A recent report from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which studies federal tax policy, found that the NRA’s tax exemption was set to expire on April 30.

Levin and his fellow conservative talk show hosts have been urging Congress to pass a bill that would restore the NRA tax-free status.

On his podcast, Levin called for the NRA to return to the drawing board and make a “fair” offer to restore its tax-break status.

“The NRA is not a lobby group.

It is not an advocacy group.

Its purpose is to advocate the rights of American gun owners,” Levin said in the column.

“But it does have a very important job: it advocates the rights for the American people to own guns.

The fact that it’s on the chopping block is not in itself a victory for the National Gun Owners, but it is a win for the people of America.”